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One-on-one meetings for Midwest-based or Midwest-linked startup founders, VCs, angel investors, incubators, and accelerators - focused on Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages

returning sept 13-14 2021
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  • A virtual summit/marketplace that brings together Midwest-based and Midwest-linked startups, VCs, angel investors, and other resources, focused on Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages
  • Connect with hundreds of attendees to set up private 25-minute meetings directly on our platform over up to two days (September 13-14 2021)
  • At our first summit in September 2020, we facilitated over 3,300 connections between approximately 280 investors and 850 startups, and raised $1,500 for Feeding America. At our second summit in March 2021, we facilitate over 5,000 connections and raised $2,000 for Girls Who Code


  • Founders: based in the Midwest or with ties to the region (Pre-Seed to Series A stage)
  • Funders: angel investors, VCs, venture lenders, and revenue-based financing options active in the Midwest
  • Accelerators/incubators based in the Midwest, with ties to the region, or seeking startups from the region
  • Advisors/mentors interested in advising early-stage Midwest startups (contact us)
  • Select service providers that support early-stage companies is brought to you by

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  • All Midwest-based or Midwest-linked startup founders
  • Price: Free - always
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venture capitalists

  • VC funds and family offices seeking to invest direct
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angel investors

  • Accredited investors only at this time
  • Please only participate if you are serious about writing checks for Pre-Seed/Seed stage companies in the Midwest
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lenders + rev-based financing

  • Venture lenders, revenue-based financing options, receivables financing, factoring, equipment lessors, etc
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  • Midwest-based or Midwest-linked incubators and accelerators, or those seeking to recruit startups from the region for a program
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